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Join Our Winning Team

More than $180 billion in annual sales are projected for the automotive service and parts industry for the upcoming year. The average motorist is no longer capable of servicing today’s highly complex vehicles. Consumers are in search of a “One Stop,”high-quality total car care center. ATL International, Inc. has positioned itself to answer the automobile service demands of today’s consumer.

car on lift inside of service garage


All Tune and Lube, ATL Motor Mate and All Tune Transmissions are exciting established business opportunities. Our support includes real estate assistance, dynamic marketing programs, and national buying power. In addition, we provide a business system along with comprehensive franchise management training programs. Franchise owners also have the advantage of continuing support from ATL International, Inc. in all facets of the business. It should be noted that most franchisees nationwide have had no prior automotive experience.

All Tune and Lube, ATL Motor Mate and All Tune Transmissions are backed by a franchise organization, providing our franchise owners the opportunity to achieve the personal satisfaction of owning their own business. Become one of ATL International’s franchise owners multi-branded franchise concept.

If you have decided to be in business for yourself but not by yourself, become an ATL International, Inc. Franchise Owner. ATL International, Inc. provides business experience tailored to the automotive aftermarket.

Benefits of Starting Your Franchise

Our system includes:

  • Comprehensive Site Analysis and Selection.
  • Financing Assistance.
  • Multimedia Advertising and Internet Marketing Programs.
  • “System” of Operating Procedures and Controls.
  • National Purchasing Programs for Equipment and Inventory.
  • Franchisee Business Management Training Programs.

ATL International, Inc. franchisees receive comprehensive, ongoing support tailored to meet specialized needs. Once the doors of your new business open, the support continues and is ongoing. We take great pride in the support and experience that we offer. This includes technical assistance, professional sales procedures, customer service guidelines, assistance in hiring and training, and more!

ATL International, Inc. franchisees benefit in many ways. Our “One Stop” Total Car Care Centers provide the franchisee the opportunity to build and expand their customer base, while maximizing individual customer sales, which leads to greater repeat and referral business.


  • Franchises currently not available in California, Minnesota, Alaska, Hawaii.