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After many years of being an employee for several businesses, it was my dream to one day be able to own and operate my own business. After looking at several different business opportunities, I decided to open an All Tune and Lube franchise. Their complete full-service total car care franchise is exactly what I was looking for. The ATL franchise allows my customers to have all of their automobile maintenance and repair needs taken care of at one location.

The support provided by the franchisor has been outstanding. I have utilized their operations department for ongoing support, to insure that I continue to follow their system, so I am able to grow my business. The marketing department has been very helpful in generating a customer base by aggressively advertising my center in the Martinsburg area. I am very excited about ATL’s pay-per-click advertising program that increases my center’s visibility on the internet. Customers who are searching on the internet for car repair are able to find my franchise, which has had significant impact on the sales in my center.

My excitement continues to grow, and I am happy I chose the All Tune and Lube program.

Charles W.

I worked for many years in corporate America, making money for everybody else except me. My heart had been set on owning and operating my own business, where I could improve the standard of living for my family and me.

All Tune and Lube has an excellent presence in the Baltimore, MD market area, so I contacted them regarding franchise ownership. I purchased a franchise in March of 1998. For the last twelve years I have been able to enjoy success, as well as paying off my SBA loan on the business. My landlord has agreed to expand the building, so I will be able to increase my bay space and achieve a higher level of sales this year.

I am now very involved in the pay-per-click advertising program. It has allowed me to reach an even larger group of customers that are now coming to my center. I enjoy a great working relationship with everyone at the corporate office, and can say that anytime I’ve ever needed help, they’ve always been there to assist me. I look forward to the day when I can open my second franchise.


Linda and I made the decision to move our family from Illinois to Florida in 1999 and we began the process of finding a place to live and work in Florida. After deciding to live in Ocala, we decided that we wanted to have our own business and work together. So we investigated several franchise opportunities and finally settled on All Tune and Lube. We purchased not one but two franchises in Feb. 2000, then moved from Illinois to Florida in Aug. of 2000. Our Grand Opening for the first store took place Oct. 30, 2000. We were able to open the second location June 11, 2001. ATL assisted us with site selection, equipment purchases, employee hiring, advertising and inventory stock. It truly is a “Turn Key Operation” and the support that ATL provides is ongoing. Linda and I are very satisfied to be part of the ATL family and we would recommend ATL to anyone who wants the opportunity to own and operate their own business.

Patrick and Linda D.

I came to the United States from Australia and worked in the marina industry for many years. I made the decision to look for a business that did not have the fluctuations, due to seasonality and the economy, that the marina industry experiences. I looked at different opportunities and found that the automotive maintenance and repair industry was a business where the need is constant. No matter what season, or how the economy is doing, people need to have their cars maintained and repaired.

I chose the All Tune and Lube franchise because of their multi-branded program. At my location in Lynn, MA I have the All Tune and Lube franchise, the ATL Motor Mate franchise, and the All Tune Transmissions franchise, which allows me to offer total car care to my customers.

I recently opened my center and the results have been very exciting. I am enjoying success sooner than I ever thought possible!

Paul C.

After 20 years in the engineering field, I decided to open my own business. I had the desire to use my skills to make money for myself, instead of somebody else. Prior to opening my ATL franchises, I researched several in the automotive repair industry. My final selection was the ATL system. ATL had the best support structure, the best financing options, and the lowest start-up costs. After being in business for 1 year, I am very happy as a part of the ATL family and would recommend ATL for anybody who wants the opportunity to get out of the ‘rat race’ and own their own business.

Michael S.